sanghyun says:

PERFECT–Love Them (: When I was considering buying these headphones, I was reading a lot of reviews on them that made me not want to buy them. People were saying they were the crappiest headphones ever & that they’re a waste of money. Truthfully, these people are just plain wrong. They’re expecting way too much out of $50 headphones. I think that these are pretty beast for $50 headphones. They sound amazing & the bass is awesome as well but not so overpowering that it distorts the sound. They also do an awesome job of blocking out surrounding noises. I know there are a lot of people who say these hurt your ears after wearing them for too long, don’t worry about that too much. Just a simple readjustment will stop that from happening. The only thing that’s a bad thing is that they do leak some sound. But that’s not that big of a deal for me so to me, this product is flawless. Another thing: everyone is saying that these are made out of some cheap crappy material that breaks easily. Once again, wrong. If you…

bonusmoshpti says:

“High” value for the price Considering I bought these headphones for $50, the sound quality is very good. I also own a pair of $120 Able Planet NC Headphones and of course there is a significant difference in sound quality. Do not buy these if you are looking for a pair of traveling headphones as they do not assist in reducing the low humming of voices or car engines. However, they are good headphones with decent enough quality to play a wide range of music. And I would agree with other reviews… I have never heard a non-powered headphone pair sound this LOUD when simply plugged into my iPod.I strongly recommend these headphones to anyone on a budget who is looking for a decent pair of comfortable, over the ear headphones. Personally, I use them when I play the drums. They cancel out enough of the noise from the drums and they’re loud enough to still hear what you’re playing (without spending over $300 on Studio headphones).

Jason says:

Decent for the price range ### Updated 17 April 2012 ###There are absolutely better headphones available to enjoy music on, that should be obvious. But someone with a budget, who can’t spend more that a few bucks, isn’t going to consider a $300 pair of cans when shopping around. I’m going to be as objective as I can be and only review the Hesh based on its price range.MY EXPERIENCE: I’ve listened to music avidly since I was old enough to walk. Oldies, soul, RnB, classic rock, funk, alternative, metal, hip-hop, punk, even classical on formats such as vinyl, cassette tape, CD, MP3. I’m only 28, but I think I have a trustable opinion on how each genre should sound when you hear it. Professionally, I’ve been in a career for 6 years now that involves critical listening (transcription of foreign languages). I won’t bore you with the details, but almost every day I wear a high-end 2 lb headset for about 12 hours. I also dabble in amateur studio recording, and have learned alot in the past…

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